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Practice self care through engaging in creative play

Just having some thoughts today about life balance and emotional wellness and really what I came to say is that there is nothing wrong with taking some time out for yourself to engage in some creative play, whatever form that may take for you.

The trouble is, it seems is that the more we go through adult life the less time we take to just play. But playtime feels wonderful doesn’t it? Doing something just for the sheer joy of it, for me, is what keeps my sanity intact, those moments when you can shrug off extraneous thought and be right in the moment, simply having fun and giving one task your entire attention. It’s simply practicing mindfulness in a really enjoyable way.

It’s one of the bits of magic we can choose to experience as adults and it is absolutely ok to allow yourself to enjoy that. And maybe you sometimes find it tricky to give yourself permission to do that, so for what it’s worth I’ll say that I wholeheartedly support the need to prioritise our own self care. And fun. In fact I strongly encourage and wry much recommend it.

May I present a slight shift in perspective? Rather than considering yourself last in favour of looking after others, perhaps it’s time to consider yourself first so you have some good energy reserves to help others with. When we replenish our joy, among other things, it leaves us far more capable and willing to help others.

We can’t expect to be at our best walking around bereft of care towards ourselves, it’s like a car slowly running out of oil and we know nothing good can come of that!

And what is humanity that lacks in care and joy? Basically working machines, existing to complete endless tasks which is, quite honestly miserable to think about. We only have this one life, it seems criminal to forgo simple pleasures in favour of keeping our noses to the grindstone, making sacrifices without the simple reward of letting go and feeling good.

So please, remember you need care as much as anyone else you give it to. You’ll be doing them a favour by doing yourself a favour, I promise.

Go on, I challenge you to try normalising the act of treating yourself. Do something that soothes your soul. Pick some flowers, put them in a vase of water. Give every bloom its own space to shine, maybe add some foliage to really set them off. Take in the colours and textures, give them a sniff. Enjoy the moment of crafting something with beautiful things that are just so magical in their own right.

Restrain that inner self critic that wants to suggest you’re doing it wrong and focus on appreciating just how lovely flowers are. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, the process feels so restorative and you certainly deserve that at the very least.

Take care of yourself.

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