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Hi there. Are you looking to do a Floristry Course in Adelaide? You've come to the right place. Read about us here or head to the Workshops tab for fun flower arranging classes or the  Career Training tab for Professional Florist Courses

Our  Story

The West End Flower School was born of wanting to make a difference, to share the joy of creation and the wonder sparked by flowers,  for  both the maker and the observer alike. Flowers impart a sense of magic into everyday life. It's a wonderful thing.

The less romantic  side of the story, however is that  there is a lack in the flower industry that urgently needs addressing. This lack, put simply is the need for more thoughtful sustainability in current practices and commonly used materials.

The good news is, we now have a chance to bit by bit make changes for the better.   


The West End Flower School offers a variety of education from short workshops to a career kick-off course, teaching environmentally considerate techniques with an endless variety of artistic styles reflecting everything from simple, garden-inspired compositions through Modern Art, Dutch Masters, Ikebana influences and reflections of the glamorous parties in the heyday of London’s fabulous West End.

With inspiration drawn from endless sources,  our focus on design takes centre stage alongside our desire to create beauty with nature in an ever more sustainable manner.

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Meet  the  Tutor


Emma Morgan

Emma’s connection with flowers began at a young age. Growing up, she loved playing with arts and craft and was part of a big family that absolutely loved nature.  Surrounded by the stark landscapes and sculptural forms of the South Australian countryside they took every opportunity to get amongst nature. Every so often, after the rare rains, parts of the bush would burst into colourful bloom, lending a feeling of life renewed.  This naturally became a significant source of inspiration for a crafty kid.

Eventually she was given the opportunity  to bring her loves of both creativity and nature together by working as a florist. Starting with work experience and short courses, she eventually worked her way into flower shops and from there become an events florist in Adelaide. This progression through her career sparked a hunger for further knowledge of the industry she’d fallen in love with.

Feeling the pull to travel abroad, Emma moved to London for 10 years and began her career again working her way up once more in small flower stalls and shops and, within a short space of time found herself freelancing for a number of London’s busiest event companies building large scale floral installations for fabulous parties.

This led to a remarkable career of travelling around the globe, doing what she loved to do. In this time Emma had a wealth of incredible opportunities including teaching floristry in London and Serbia, as well flowering many far-reached destination weddings and events, from Mumbai  to Moscow, Africa and Sardinia.

This wealth of wonderful experiences reinforced a valuable lesson;  that as a florist one never stops learning. It's a career that gives as much as you put in to it.

Emma  has now returned home to Adelaide in the 24th year of her career, bringing with her the intention to support her industry by sharing the knowledge she gained while abroad, enabling artistry in flowers while imparting an eco-conscious approach.