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* C a r e e r  T r a i n i n g  O p t i o n s*

Whether you'd like to understand Floristry as a career, are ready to begin career training with a professional Floristry course or would like some private tuition to brush up your skills, there are options here for you

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C A R E E R  C O U R S E

Duration: 4 weeks 
Price: $2,250

What's it about?

Floristry Foundations is a 4 week career course designed to give solid foundations to those who are wanting to begin a career as a florist.

We believe that how you begin is imperative to growing a great career. In this course, essential knowledge is shared with an understanding of the basic patterns used in floristry, simply explained so you can master the skills quickly and go on to complete your training in the workforce.

What you should know before you begin:

Floristry is an often misunderstood and underestimated career. A lot of knowledge and skill gained over years is required to master the craft, which is why we believe that on the job experience is so important. Much like chefs and hairdressers, your education is the first step of your training.

We suggest getting a strong educational foundation in place before beginning in the workplace.  After that, practice makes perfect. 

What will you learn?

8 different styles of arrangements in contemporary and classical styles

Wrapping techniques

The essential patterns of arrangements and how to apply them 

Care of cut flowers

Identifying flower and plant materials

Colour & design theory

Workplace operational procedures

Creating & understanding briefs

Wiring techniques for wearable flowers

Retail & client relations

and loads more industry insights, tips and tricks

Did you know?

It's not commonly known that no formal certification is necessary to work as a florist. Employers generally look for commitment, reliability, work ethic and an understanding of flower arranging along with creativity , colour sense and many other factors. How effectively you work is usually much more important than a piece of paper you hold.

Our career course offers strong foundations and knowledge in these areas to build on for people who are serious about beginning their career with intentions of becoming a successful florist.

This intensive course comprises 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks, equalling 32 contact hours. All the basics and a lot of extra bits are covered with helpful guidance and advice from our dedicated expert tutor to assist you in launching your career.

We aim to support a new generation of florists to be successful, knowledgeable and sustainable in their careers. 

The Schedule

Floristry Foundations August 2022

timetable is as follows:

Monday 1st, Wednesday 3rd 

Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th

Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th

Monday 22nd, Wednesday 24th

All classes will run from 11am-3pm

Other important bits 

It's easy to secure your booking - simply click the Book button and put down a deposit, the rest will be invoiced to you to be paid 7 days before the class commences. The deposit is non- refundable but we will always do our best to re-schedule you when needed.

Payment plans

If  you'd prefer to split your payments into smaller amounts, no problem.

Just contact us to arrange your plan!



We understand you may have questions before you commit so ask away, we're here to help.

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Keen to get started? 

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Career Kickoff

An Introduction to Floristry
Saturday 27th August

$650 per person

Are you interested in becoming a Florist?

We don’t blame you, it can be such a brilliant, rewarding career choice. Maybe you're not sure exactly what it involves? We can help with that. 

We’ll be honest, it's not a perfect career for everyone and just like any other job it does have its ups and downs.

If you’d like to learn more about it we are running  a 6 hour Introduction to Floristry workshop which reveals the inner workings of the industry to help you decide if it could be the right career choice for you - before you commit to a long, expensive training course.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons, give a comprehensive overview of working life, outline what you will need to learn, how to begin, training options and more. You’ll get your hands dirty in the nicest way by making flower arrangements in two different styles with stunning materials under the helpful, positive guidance of our tutor, Emma.

We are confident that by the end of the day you will have a clear idea of whether you'd like to train as a florist along with your two gorgeous arrangements (to retail value of $150 each) that you get to take home to enjoy.


* P r i v a t e  T r a i n i n g *

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Did you know...

We offer private lessons by appointment. If you are keen to 

develop your style , get serious about event work and 

eco-friendlier floristry or just prefer one-on-one learning this 

might be for you. We'll design the lessons around your needs and make sure you gain loads of knowledge. All skill levels are welcome! Send us a request to learn more by clicking the button below and letting us know what you wish to achieve and we'll help you gain the skills to make it a reality.