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  • Do I get a qualification?
    Once you have successfully completed your training with us you will be a Graduate Florist of The West End Flower School. This means you will be qualified to begin working within a Floristry business
  • How does this course help me?
    Our floristry Foundations course has been carefully designed with the purpose of setting you up to shine in your career. Your tutor has paid close attention to the needs and wants of florists over the years to develop an understanding of what is most important to employers and clients alike in terms of workplace skills and, having worked all over the world is in a unique position to offer you extensive knowledge to help get you started in kicking off your career as a Florist.
  • Why would I need workplace training after doing a course?
    That's easy. Much like apprenticeship-based careers (like chefs and hairdressers) your study is stage 1 in becoming a florist. The full training can take several years to complete and it is practising your job that will further your skill development to a point where you can excel.
  • Do I need certification to become a Florist?
    You do not. The floristry industry is an unregulated industry. Basically, those wanting to start a career or business in floristry are not required to have any specific qualifications. The Foundations of Floristry Course has been designed with specific, relevant skills and knowledge, to enable graduates to meet the requirements of the industry for today and into the future. Our delivery of content utilises our extensive knowledge as experienced florists who have spent decades studying the industry from within.
  • Is this course certified?
    Successful completion of our Foundations Course earns you a certificate from The West End Flower School, this is not a government certification. Let's go through why: We are a private school and not a nationally recognised training provider. What this means is that we are not funded by the government nor any external companies and therefore not constrained by standardised curriculum. We proudly offer a bespoke curriculum that is regularly updated to stay in line with the current floristry industry. Being a private training facility allows us the flexibility to offer you the most up to date knowledge and skills, with scope for imagination to feed your inspiration.
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